welcome the arrival of a new google algorithm 2013

Google is not yet officially announces it will launch a new algorithm to replace the existing algorithms, penguin algorithms first launched in 2012. Athough Google itself has not made a public announcement but netizens have started in hebohkan by issues saying that Google will soon release their new algorithms will be given a name like the name of the T Rex dinosaur or  googles tyrannosaurus rex. 
Whether you are ready to welcome the arrival of the predator's this?

Tyrannosaurus is the most vicious predator in their era. whether the predators will also be equally cruel in this year?
I predicted the answer is "yes"
I'll give you some tricks that may be useful to protect your web or blog from this predator bites.

  1. Subtract the adsense ads on your blog that deter visitors find the information they are looking for.
  2. Reduce unnecessary widgets, especially from outside the facility your blog (with a link out)
  3. Subtract links from adult content
  4. Reduce adult content from your blog, including adult keywords
  5. No black hat SEO
  6. Provide only quality articles
  7. Try to friendly with google

    I write this article until google has not announced officially about the update algorithm. let us together to get ready to welcome a new predator of google.

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